Quality Management – Evolving the Way We Think and Work


According to Sarah Lynch, recently appointed Director of the SiVEST Quality Management Division, "Concepts such as risk based thinking are impacting on and evolving the way in which staff at all levels are thinking about quality."

Risk-based thinking involves everyone from shop floor level to senior management, considering things that could go wrong and then acting proactively to mitigate these. However, risk-based thinking is also about identifying opportunities for excellence, and then being able to capitalise on these.

An international team of specialists have provided a set of best practices for long term business sustainability through the ISO 9001 standard. The standard focuses on concepts such as, control of risk; customer satisfaction; and efficiency.

The SiVEST Quality Management team is able to utilise its knowledge of the standard, combined with industry experience, to guide organisations in adopting these concepts in a practical and value adding way. Our systems are customised for each organisations unique context.

All ISO 9001:2008 certificates will be invalid from September 2018 . "Companies are advised to get ahead of the September rush to comply, as auditors are expected to be fully booked from around mid-year 2018" says Sarah.

Sarah Nundekasn-Lynch
SiVEST Quality Management Division under the leadership of Director, Sarah Nundekasn-Lynch.